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Our Values

Our values are what keep us focused on our goals, they are what give us character, and they are what set us apart more than just purely technical knowledge & experience. 

At F4, our values are constantly reminded to us since they are all, literally, in our name…


Regarded by some as a masterpiece fighter jet, the F4 Phantom was a highly versatile jet that served the US Navy for over 4 decades. Whether it was aerial acrobatics or dangerous ground strikes, the F4 Phantom was an engineering marvel that was a critical part of an attack.

At F4 Engineering we take pride in getting to the 'front lines' of the problem, because we feel that is how we will understand any situation the best, as well as how we will provide the most practical solution, in the most efficient manner.


The F4 Object is a formerly secret shelter under the downtown of Budapest, Hungary. In essence, it is an extension of the underground Metro with a direct line to the parliament, and was intended to provide shelter and escape for members of the Parliament in the case of a nuclear strike.

F4 engineering exemplifies the F4 Object as an engineering solution that provided a means of escape for our clients. The truth is that engineering workload at today's California refineries can be so overwhelming, that there seems no if there is no light at the end of the tunnel. We at F4 are the tunnel to get you out of distress, as well as the light.


One of the first noble gas compounds to be discovered, and actually the first discovered binary compound of a noble gas, was XeF4.  

There is much to be said about innovation, besides the fact that it takes immense courage to be the one that breaks the rules by which business is conducted. At F4 Engineering, we want to be the company that is prepared to help our refining clients discover the best mechanical engineering solutions for their problems, whether it is an off the shelf solution, or if it is a one of a kind idea.   

Having said that, F4 Engineering hopes one day to be a role model for other companies to aspire to...but we have our own role models as well, and that is why: XeF4.

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